pirates at Queensbay

June 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Just got home from Queensbay Mall with Keenly and Anis.  We watched Pirates of the Caribbean.   I fell asleep in some parts, Keenly saw me HAHAHA. We ate before catching the 9:30pm showing.  Dapat Kung Fu Panda but it was in 3D only and for RM18.  >.<  Oh, Anis is an aiesec-er.  She was very nice enough to bring us around. :)

Keenly and her Pattaya Fried Rice (fried rice with egg on top)

Anis and her Black Pepper Chicken and Mango Yogurt Drink (natakaw tingin ako dito, I bought one too when I saw she bought one, but it doesn’t taste good because the mango here tastes like indian mango…sayaaang)

my Nasi Goreng Kampung (fried rice with crispy dilis)

It was already 12 when we got out of the mall.  We took a student cab, which is basically a cab service by university students.  It’s cool because its cheaper, and very convenient.  As in you just text them and they’ll come.  We even texted one 11:30pm last night when Ara left and he was already here by 11:45.  It’s my first night alone. I’m not yet sleepy, and I think I can’t sleep. Last night, before Ara and Anna left, we ate at Bali-Bali for dinner where I met 2 more new interns (also in St. Nicholas like Jainan) and Anis.

inside Tesco with Keenly, Anna, Jianan, Ara, Michelle (from HK) and Ayoub (from Dubai)

Anna left our condo with Anna around 12am, and Keenly slept over here so I wasn’t alone. :D  We tried to watch Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 after they left but we fell asleep.

Before they left for the bus to KL :(
picture on the way to work this morning

super daming christmas-y trees here!

I played with the kids during playtime kanina! :) I rode the bike and we played tag-you’re-it.  Kapagod. Taught L. Hoon “Additional Mathematics” or what they call Addmats.  It’s basically college Math which includes calculus, advance trigonometry, etc.  We did graphing of trigonometric functions kanina and buti naalala ko pa.  Then in the afternoon did English with A. Ping and G. Xin again.  I was sooo sleepy.  Actually because I always sleep past 2am lately, the kids always catch me falling asleep while teaching them english. HAHAHAHA.  Nakakaantok naman talaga kasi ang English. Nakakahiya.  Ms. Nurul even told me after I taught them that I could rest na. accck. T_T. But I’m a person who falls asleep really easily.  There is no class I don’t sleep in.  Even in my classes na bawal matulog, napagalitan na ako because of that.  Even if I love the subject or I like the teacher, I still fall asleep.  So there.  Curry everyday in the shelter.  Nung isang araw, Ms. Chandra suddenly dropped a big part of fish curry on my plate.  So I tasted it and it tasted weird.  I asked Ms. Yasmin what fish it was because I’ve never tasted a fish like that before.  Turns out it was ray fish. :( But I like this curry they make with malunggay leaves, tastes creamy. haha.

These are some pictures I took while walking to the bus stop at Masjid Negeri to go home from CPS.


Scotlan Street (this is where CPS is)

Give Way (Yield)


Kanina, while waiting for the bus, which as usual took soooo long, there was this cute teenage Chinese couple on the bus stop too.  Kami lang andun for 30 minutes. wala lang, awkward.  ang sweet nila eh. :/

“oh well” – Katy Perry (Last Friday Night)


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