That dreadful night from Gurney

May 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

I had so much to tell about yesterday but everything got marred with what happened late last night.  It was one of the most intense fears I have ever felt in my entire life.  You know animations in cartoons when they suddenly jump out of their skin when they get scared? That was exactly how I felt.  But I’ll leave the details of what happened for later.

Yesterday morning, I went to Park Royal Hotel (5 star hotel at Batu Ferringhi which is a popular beach strip here in Penang) with the kids because they had a function with the Intel Group (yes the computer chip company).  Intel included the kids in their team building activities that day, and they treated them to a magic show, lots of prizes and games.  We also had a buffet lunch, where I ate LAMBCHOPS.  I ate the local food too but I was so happy to eat unlimited lambchops.  HAHAHA. The night before that, I slept 3 am because we waited and talked to Jianan, the new EP. By the way, she is so nice! And she isn’t from Hong Kong as we thought, she’s actually from China but doing her college at Cornell University at New York! Enough said! :D The unfortunate thing is, she is not staying here at the AIESEC house.  So I’m going to be alone when Ara leaves tomorrow. :(( So since I slept 3 am, I woke up around 7am already.  My phone alarm didn’t go off for some reason AND THE WORST part was my call time for Ms. Yasmin to pick me up was 7.15. @_@ I had to rush taking a bath and walking down to TESCO.  In my rush to get out, I got the battery of the camera I charged that night but I forgot my camera! So I wasn’t able to take pictures during the function!! :( argghhhh.

When I got home, Ara had already fetched her other EP Filipino friend, Anna. She’s from Ateneo too and she’s doing her internship at a shelter home at Kuala Lumpur.  So the four of us (Ara, Anna, Jainan and me) decided to go to Gurney that night and eat the famous fried oysters there.  We went down 7:30 but then 304 as usual took so long, the bus already arrived 8:15!

Gurney Plaza in front of the baywalk and beside the Hawker Stalls

We waited for almost 1 hour, but it was okay since we got to know each other better.  It was a long trip to Gurney, we got there around 9pm and the last bus out of there was 10:30 so we only had a short time to eat and walk along the baywalk.  The hawker center in Gurney is very popular for the wide array of hawker foods, especially the fried oysters.

lots of tables and stalls to choose from, and people will go to your table to get your order for your drinks

dried squid

asam laksa stall (fish soup)

satay stall, I tasted the beef and mutton (was okay)

otak-otak: fish with egg and coconut milk (aside from being too spicy, I didn’t like it! Wasted RM2.60 on this)

this is what otak-otak looks like, I usually like egg but this was just not my thing

fried oysters (they scramble the oysters it in egg and some veggies…really yummy! *droool*)

eating the fried oysters, we shared an RM8 order

since I didn’t like the otak-otak, I bought Hokkien Prawn Mee which was also very good and not spicy, thanks to Jianan who was able to tell the vendor in Chinese not to put chili (because whenever we say “no chili” or “not spicy”, THEY NEVER UNDERSTAND and just ignore us)

After dinner, we went to Gurney Plaza and Ara did a mini photoshoot there. hahaha. For her lookbook daw.

one of Ara’s pictures

Anna, Ara, Jianan and me

After that, we walked a bit in the baywalk while it still wasn’t 10:30.  Nagulat kami because it was really lowtide, and really pretty dirty.  Less dirty than Manila Bay, but still dirty.  There was lots of stalls there and a lot of people were just chilling near the bay that night.


So nung 10:30 na, we saw the bus and we boarded it.  Kami lang pasahero plus 2 guys.  Anna and Ara wanted to do a video on the bus so they danced Teenage Dream at the bus.  At Komtar, 2 men boarded the bus.  Ara and Anna were still dancing for the music video they were doing.  Of course the men were looking.  But one of the guys looked pretty amused.  After their dancing, the guy kept staring at us.  He was actually not seated properly anymore and just looking at us.  After some time, the only passengers left were us, that dirty guy, another person, and the driver.  We we’re getting pretty scared and Ara was planning that we should run for it when we get down.  We got back to Sungai Dua around 11:30.  When the bus stopped, we had to pass by the guy on a very small isle to get down.  He gave us this eerie, freakish, dirty smile.  Ara and Anna got pissed, and when we were down, they gave him the finger sign from outside the bus.  So then we decided to walk home fast.  While we were walking, there was literally no one else in the streets anymore.  Nagulat kami kasi as in totally wala nang tao, eh 11:30 pa lang.  We were going to take our usual route, but Ara decided to take a different route just in case the guy decided to go down the next bus stop and catch up with us.  As in ganun katindi yung pagstare samin nung guy for us to think that.  And I think he got too interested because Ara and Anna danced right in front of him.  Malamang hindi sila sanay sa ganung display since Malaysia is a Muslim country.  Hindi naman malaswa yung dance, but it was typical party dance.  And we we’re all in short pants.  We took another parallel route and while we were walking fast, we suddenly heard somebody shout at us “hey, blablabla”.  It sounded pretty close and the tone was mad.  We couldn’t understand what he said but we really freaked out because wala na talagang tao nun, wala kaming nakasalubong and there was a possibility that it was the guy from the bus.  We ran for it, and after some time, Anna and I were already tailing because our legs got so tired and we couldn’t catch our breathe anymore.  My heart was pumping as fast as it could and even though I just wanted to get the hell out of there, I really couldn’t run anymore.  We couldn’t stop because it was dark everywhere, and walang signs of people awake to help us if ever.  We reached our condo unit eventually but we we’re still so scared because he might have followed us and discovered where we lived. Aside from that, anyone can go in and out in this condo complex.  We pressed a different floor in the elevator when we got down to make sure.  We locked everything and upon reaching the house, we were all still pale with fear, freaking out and cursing a lot.  I’m sorry for that but it was just the first time we ever experienced that.  WE WE’RE DEAD SCARED OUT OF OUR WITS.  And the thing that really scared us was that he might go here at our place, or at least he knows our bus stop.  The worst part is, the bus I take is 304, that same bus, to and fro work.  So there’s a big chance to see him because 304 only has a limited number of coaches and trips.  I wanted to just go home that night already.  I felt like this guy just ruined this entire trip because I was so freaking scared to go out now.  I know it was probably our fault because of the dance video but Ara and Anna did it because they already did the same thing before at the same time.  This might just be an unfortunate and isolated case and I really hope it is.  Good thing when I woke up this morning, the fear had subsided and I’m feeling better now.  I only told my brother and not my parents because they might worry too much.  That was literally once of the worst feelings I had ever had.  Yung feeling na hinahabol kayo was just too SCARY. I mean I know it’s scary beforehand to be chased by someone, but actually feeling it first hand was wild.  There’s a possibility that our imagination took the best of us, baka the guy who called out was different, maybe he didn’t chase us, but I this experience has made us wary enough not to go out late anymore.

So tonight, I’m doing my laundry again. >.< I know I’m safe, ugh, but bukas wala na ako kasama!!! Sana may dumating nang EP, and sana may lalaki para when we go out it’ll feel much safer pag late na kami uuwi. :/


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