May 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s 3 AM and I finally finished the laundry!

my laundry buddies: in the foreground is Top for jeans and perwoll for my clothes; in the background is my fabric softener for the jeans as well

can you do your laundry here? 2 planggana at isang timba at tabo

natapos din! (I totally don’t want to live in a condo in the future)

Ara and Anna are still doing their last day video (yes they’re quite addicted to doing videos haha) so I’m still up as well.  I passed off because I’m not really keen on humiliating myself on the web.

Ara and me on our beds and our mess

bestfriends in the house: Anna and Ara from Ateneo :)

one of the piles of mess here (we don’t know sino may-ari nitong mga to)

Okay, I think I’m just about sleepy na. I’m already in my pajamas. hahaha. Good morning Penang!


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