THE bug bracelet

May 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

I took some pictures on the way to Bali-Bali for breakfast.  These are the exercise installments in the condo complex.  Gusto ko sa bahay ko sa future may ganito!!!! It’s sooooo nice. :)

Ara on the space walker

double leg press

potted plants on the wall of one of the houses

bricked canal

lots of these fluffy green plants on the pavement

I had prawn fried rice with fresh watermelon juice 

After breakfast at Bali-Bali, Ara and I went to Komtar area again to meet with Gwen and Keenly. I found my favorite Thai dessert here! I think its called tapioca! Kaso the one I bought here doesn’t have corn in it like the version in the Philippines.


I bought my pasalubongs na.  We went to Tidbits, its a store with lots of candies and dried stuff  (like gummy worms, dried squid flakes, weird black “health cubes”, haw flakes, and original white rabbits) where you can try and taste everything!!! Sayang nahuli ako taking pictures so I wasn’t able to take a picture of Honey Fish Slices which is now my favorite! I bought a hundred grams.

Then Ara and Keenly wanted to buy Tambun again so we looked for their suki stall at Chinatown.  I personally don’t like Tambun, although all of them like it.  Lasang piyaya yung isang version, pero mas masarap yung piyaya.

tambun (original and pandan flavor)

their preserved fruits; tastes like atchara

 BUT THEN, when we went back to the handicrafts store and I remembered this bug bracelet I saw the last time we were there, I committed MY MOST EXPENSIVE PURCHASE YET.  I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it before, but it looked really rusty and old so I didn’t ask the price anymore.  Awhile ago when we went back, I looked for it again and I finally asked the price.  The lady said “oh, this one is silver.  RM120 (around Php1800)”.  I was so shocked with the price, and I told her “how could this be silver?”  She got some powder and polished it and it did come back to being shiny.  She said the bracelet was handmade a long, long time ago like 70 years ago and that no one makes it anymore.   It’s made in Malaysia too.  WHY THE HELL WOULD I BELIEVE THAT? BUT I DID.  I looked at it for 30 minutes and I just couldn’t bear letting go of it.  I just COULDN’T. o_O. So I bought it. And I wont eat dinner and breakfast the entire week for this.  Pero okay lang.  I really wanted it.  I don’t think I’ll ever find something like this again.

made of silver and enamel (handmade here in Malaysia)

So I cannot go out shopping again.  Papasyal na lang ako at kakain. hahahaha. Oh, a new EP is coming tonight, she’s from Hong Kong.  hmmm, I hope she turns out great! She’s gonna be my companion for the rest of my stay here. And I cleaned the filthy bathroom for this. As in I CLEANED it with the brushes and soap. I cannot believe it, buti na lang may gloves. HAHAHAHA. Anyways, I’m so proud it’s now clean! :)

Then Ara and I went night swimming again as the EP was going to arrive around 1 am pa.  Kaso around 5 minutes in the pool, nahuli kami ng guard. >.< nakakatawa. so naglaro nalang uli kami sa space walker and double leg press. 8)


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