bumming in penang

May 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

Finished the laundry around 2 in the morning today.  I’m not even done yet with some of the shirts.  I woke up around 7, just in time for Ara’a arrival from her overnight last night.  I couldn’t sleep anymore, so I finally decided to do some cleaning.  I swept the floor and threw everything that looked disgusting like half-eaten food stuff and what not in the trash.  I drained and crushed all the PET bottles that were lying around here from EPs (exchange participants) that have been long gone.  I tossed everything into a large trash bag and finally took it down the ground floor.  Its been piling up for a week now.  We’re on the 8th floor by the way.  It was a bit awkward carrying the large trashbag in the elevator.  The other people usually just carry a small plastic bag.  The place still isn’t that okay because there’s so much things here that are piled up everywhere but we can’t throw because we don’t know who exactly owns them.  There’s even maple syrup and canned tomatoes here.  I don’t want to discover the other things anymore.

I tried to wait for Ara to wake up.  But she was still asleep till around 11:30 so I decided to go on ahead to Komtar and buy some souvenirs and shirts from the mall.  I convinced myself not to buy Rotiboy…successfully! However, I soon got really hungry so I decided to buy a “Cool Blog”.  I don’t know why they call it a blog.  Anyway, I couldn’t decide between an ABC blog and a yoghurt blog so I asked one of the girls in the counter which was better.  She pointed out to the ABC blog, so I decided to take her advice.  It was okay, but I soon realized I should have just followed my instinct.  I think the yoghurt blog would have tasted better.  My personal theory is that ABC stands for ais (as in ice), bandung ( a pink drink they have here), and chocolate.  Ayun pa, it HAD chocolate and I don’t like chocolate, especially in my drinks!!!

I wasn’t satisfied so I decided to pass by Bali-Bali to buy me and Ara some lunch.  I bought her Tom Yam rice and because I wanted some vegetables, I chose a Chinese stall.


Ara’s Tom Yam Rice (this is Thai food)

My lunch: Fried beancurd, with some leafy vegetables na lasang sesame oil (wala mang salt!), and a chicken lumpia thing. 

 Actually, parang Chinese lagi kinakain ko even though I swore I’ll never eat Chinese after my bad experience in Hawaii of VERY OILY CHINESE FOOD.  At that time kasi, my brother and I wanted to stick to eating vegetables whenever we ate out because I didn’t want the 15pound-gain, when we went to Ohio, to happen again .  And only the Chinese fastfood had vegetables in Hawaii. Subway had but I didn’t want to eat bread, then the Korean stalls also had pero ang weird ng lasa. hahaha.  As in when you lift your plastic spoon from the Chinese fried rice, the oil drips down. o_o.  When I got home, Ara was doing her laundry and I waited for her to finish before eating.  We do our laundry inside the bathroom with only 2 small basins! Aside sa walang ma-upuan, not enough space, and enclosed-not-so-clean place, it was so hard to laundry with only 2 basins.  When I do the laundry at home, I use 4 basins at the least para sunod sunod yung banlaw.


this is good training.  So, so be it.  Ara survived.  I’ll survive.  [but I think it’s actually her first time to laundry for her entire 6-week stay her cause she brought and bought a lot of clothes haha].  It’s fine. :)

Tinamad na ako lumabas later on because it was pretty hot so I stayed at home and just researched for my future week-end plans.  I also played with the webcam out of boredom. And to show my chubby friends that I am eating a lot BECAUSE that’s one of the must-do things here in Penang. Tourism is a bit good here, there’s a lot of available maps around the city. :)

Around 8, we went down to the night market again.  I bought some stuff and of course, food. hahaha. I ate a singkamas thing that was topped with the rojak sauce (peanut-sweet-spicy sauce).

we bought this breadtalk-kind-of bread that was on a 4 for RM5.50 (Php82.50) promo…masarap kaso malamig na

I bought the rojak from this stall, with pajo-like mangoes hanging. pajo yung small mangoes. I don’t know what they call it here. mango lang daw tawag sabi ni lolo

After that, we went to the grocery to buy some more drinking water.  Then Ara and I decided to do a little bit of night swimming.  Kaso, after I told Ara that I had this fear of swimming in a pool, feeling ko kasi laging may shark kahit asa pool ako.  So ayun, natakot na si Ara and I swam for only 5 laps.  Napagod na ako. signs of unhealthiness. HAHAHA.

Now we’re gonna watch a Thai movie before we sleep.  Hello Stranger.  :) Oh, this is the view from our bedroom pala, the whole bus fleet of Rapid Penang. hahaha.

P.S. I just had the most awesome discovery that it only costs around Php3.00 to text to Philippine numbers using my DiGi number!!wooohooooo!! I can now text! hahaha.


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