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May 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had McDonald’s for breakfast this morning because I went down 30 minutes early for Ms. Yasmin to pick me up.  And because Renee asked me to eat at McDo.  And because I was rather homesick.  Nag-uuwian na kasi silaaa! :( Renee, if you’re reading this, I will eat again! I’ll order something different. hahaha.  I had Sausage McMuffin, I think.  It didn’t taste that different, actually parang matabang.  haha.  And the egg tasted like penoy. o_o

After that, I went up to Tesco to wait for Ms. Yasmin.  I was still early so I took some pictures of the area I live at.  Penang is actually an island.  The mountain is visible from where I stay. cool-la.

This is what Tesco looks like.  Right behind is the mountain, and bus sekolah is bahasa Malaysia for “school bus”.  All the school buses here look like that.  

Desa Permai Indah condo buildings (around 9-storeys high each)

This is the swimming pool.

Today at work was okay.  We had chicken rice for lunch :9 (got this smiley from david haha).  Chicken rice is my official favorite, it’s the first thing I ever ate here in Malaysia.  Tastes like Hainanese Chicken actually, which is really my favorite to begin with.  I was assigned to H1 and H2, they’re indian twins, around 7 y.o.  Initially I though they were already around 9 y.o. cause they’re a bit tall for their age and talk like 9 y.o.s already.  Aside from them, I had to deal with Nithan too and W. Tong.  Nithan is sooooooo stubborn. >.< W. Tong, as usual, was throwing his tantrums, but I’m getting used to dealing with him.  H1 and I read THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER.  I loved that story when I was a kid and I felt like a mashed potato while reading it.  joke, OA.  Pero ang sarap niya basahin ulit.  H1 and H2 are actually very mischievous too, but they both have their endearing side.  While I was making W. Tong write “nama saya …” [my name is…], H1 and H2 was acting out their teacher in class and it was so hilarious watching them.  H1 was pretending the table was the blackboard and doing some flamboyant chalk writing movements with matching “YOU, WHAT’S THE ANSWER?” to which his brother will say the correct answer, and he then replies with matching teacher eyes “okay, come here, come here”.  hahaha. They’re so cute.  :D  I went home around 5pm and as usual the bus came 6pm. T_T.

bus stop

I met another AIESECER on the bus and we had fun talking because we both love nature tripping! She’s actually an Indonesian who’s only at Malaysia for her college [she’s also at Universiti Sains Malaysia or USM].  I think I’ll catch her on the bus a lot of times pa because we take the same bus and we go out of work at the same time. :)

Oh, I saw something while I was on the bus kanina.  Ais Krim Goreng. (fried ice cream haahahaha)

When I went down the bus, I went straight to Tesco to buy Nasi Goreng.  Last night kasi, Cel and Nica bought Nasi Goreng and they shared it with me.  It’s their favorite and I fell in love with it too.ahahaha.  Makes me remember my grandpa’s mustasa rice.  Upon arriving in the food court of Tesco, it turns out that there’s an endless list of Nasi Gorengs.  I took a minute going over the list and having no idea what the hell ayam, lasi, or whatever meant.  The vendors weren’t that friendly, so I just ordered a random Nasi Goreng out of pressure.  They were already staring at me kasi.

nasi = rice and goreng = fried

It tasted good too, but a tad too spicy.   Pax then passed by the AIESEC house to get the payment for the accommodation (RM 336).  She brought me a Malaysian dessert.  She couldn’t explain what it was and I forgot to ask what’s it called.  It tastes like kamote-que, pero with breading and a kutchinta thing in the middle. masarap naman.  I ate 2…ARGGGHHH.

Pax’s mom made them daw. I think she gave this because I gave her dried mangoes when she picked me up from the airport. :)

So napakain nanaman ako ng todo today. T_T Bukas food trip ulit sa Times Square naman! hahahaha.  But I’ll do lots of walking.  I hope it isn’t too hot.

Okay, have to do laundry PART 2.  Shirts naman this time.  hahaha.

P.S. Have to memorize Never Say Never because all the little kids love this.  Para I can sing along with them. hahaha


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