May 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

kailangan ko na maglaba. :|

I tried prawn nasi lemak today. was okay.  It was too spicy, and I didn’t like the prawn.  It actually looked like bacang, but the bacang tasted better.  However Ms. Yasmin said every stall has a different kind of nasi lemak and I should try from other stalls.  And today I found out that Thursday is indian (vegetarian) food at the shelter.  Everything was curried vegetables.  hahaha.  At least we had donuts for dessert.  Someone came by the shelter today and gave 3 boxes of Big Apple donuts and 1 box of a Secret Recipe cake.  Big Apple is like Krispy Kreme in the Philippines.  It was just about as good as it.  :)  I have yet to taste the cake tomorrow.

[big apple donuts] picture from kota marudu

I finally caught the 304 bus.  At sa sobrang excitement, I paid an excess of RM0.60!  You have to pay the exact fare at the buses here because they don’t issue change.  I dropped RM2 instantly in the box out of habit and it turns out it was only RM1.4. bummer.

Starting next week, the kids are going to be on a 2-week vacation.  So more time to study.  I still can’t get the hang of making them listen.  It’s quite frustrating honestly.  Add on to that the fact that they speak Bahasa, Tamil and Chinese around me so I can’t understand what they’re talking about.  Oh kanina, I was trying to suppress my laughter when the kids suddenly started to sing Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never.  They’ve memorized the entire thing.  I swear it was so cute!

Oh, Ms. Yasmin asked me to make plans for the vacation so the actual work is finally starting! :D That’s what I’m going to do tonight. or…the laundry. :|


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