May 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Finally, I’m done with the activity proposals.  I hope Ms. Yasmin approves something. And I’m partially done with my laundry.  Binabad ko lang yung pants  ko.  I’ll wash them in a while.  I seriously need to buy leggings because ang hirap pala maglaba at magpatuyo ng jeans!! ugh. leggings bleh. but that’s the easiest way to avoid heavy laundry.

The other Filipino EPs are all leaving soon. As in tomorrow or next week and I’ll be left alone here at the aiesec house until who knows when.


I think I’ll sleep with the lights on.

Since it was their last night, we played at the playground in Desa Permai Indah. Ang sayaaaa! I’ll take pictures of it, it’s hard to explain what they are, they’re like exercise installments in the small park.  Then I found a new thing to do here at the condo complex…night swimming! The pool is surprisingly very clean, and I think it’s because only a few people go swimming.  Okay, that’s about it today.  I’m sleepy na din.


ohfrap! my laundry!! T_T mamaya pa pala ako matutulog! :(


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