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Started the day by deciding to try out one of the breakfast stalls near the bus stop.  I picked a Chinese stall for a start.  He had a large bamboo steamer with lots of different dimsums and triangular things wrapped in leaves.  I bought a siomai looking dimsum and the triangular thing.  The guy asked me if I wanted chili, I said “no” and asked if there was soy sauce.  There wasn’t any so…okay fine.  I was tempted to go eat the siomai on the bus but I had to ask the “bus captain” the directions to go back home from CPS so I decided against it because the food will get lodged in my braces. :p  I ate it when I got down (while walking to CPS) HAHAHA.  sorry gutom.  When I arrived at CPS, I was an hour early (around 8am).  8am here is like 6am in Manila.  Oh, the sun sets around 7pm.  Ms. Nurul was already there, and I unintentionally scared her when I said “good morning” from the window.  I went to the kitchen to eat my breakfast and found A. Ping and G. Xin there eating their breakfast as well.  The two girls are the only ones at the shelter in the morning since they attend the afternoon classes.  I asked them if they knew what the triangular thing was, and they told me it was “bacang”.

bacang photo courtesy of Yue Li

I think there’s something similar to bacang in the Philippines, I just forgot what it’s called.  It’s steamed glutinous rice with pork, salted egg, and mushrooms inside.  I asked the girls if they wanted some and I was happy they accepted (which means they’re comfortable with me na haha).

After breakfast, I sat down with them and taught them english and science.  I had to explain the meaning of some of the english words in both exams, and I think that’s the main reason for their mistakes (not knowing what the word means).  After that, I went to the kitchen again and helped Ms. Mangles and Ms. Chandra peel the snake gourds.

I sliced my nail and skin twice while I was at it.  I peeled like 30 gourds.  Then lunch looked pretty normal.  Fried egg, bean sprouts with beancurd and rice noodles with carrots and potatoes.  After lunch, as usual it was W. Tong and C. Chen who arrived first at the shelter.  W. Tong, who is about 11 y.o., lost his speech.  I worked with him during my first and second day.  He instantly starts to cry when you make him do his homework, especially when it’s for his speech therapy.  I had a hard time dealing with him at first, but after some time and lots of patience, I was able to make him say the “f”, “m”, and “b” phonetic exercises.  When not dealing with his homework, W. Tong is actually a very gentle, shy and nice kid.  C. Chen on the other hand is impossible.  He kept quizzing me with questions during my first day and he’s always restless. Typical 9 y.o. I guess. hahaha.  Plus the fact that he’s taking gymnast lessons (and boy is he good!).  When Ms. Suria told me I would be teaching C. Chen english that day, I was a bit apprehensive.  I asked him to get his books and he kept running around and sticking his tongue out.  When I finally got him to sit down, he made me ask him 4-digit addition questions, to which I stupidly succumbed to for a good 2 minutes before realizing, “hey, we’re supposed to be doing english!”  I remembered what Ara said about kids in the shelters, it was usually you were either the master or the slave.  And I felt like a slave at that moment.  I decided I was totally not going to get bullied by a 9 y.o. and made him stop and sit down and do the english exercises.  But he didn’t stop until I opened the aircon as he demanded. haha.

One of the exercises was a fill-in-the-blanks to complete the story exercise.  It was shockingly a sad story.  It was about an old couple who lived in the forest and adopted and loved a tiger cub.  The couple eventually had a child and one day they left their child at home.  When they came home, they saw the tiger’s mouth covered with blood.  The father thought the tiger cub (whose name is Stripey) ate their child, got a knife and killed him.  Then they realized the tiger cub had in fact killed a snake to protect the baby and the story ends sadly there.  It had a good moral, but it was pretty heavy and I sensed even C. Chen was shocked.  It was good that he was very interested in animals, and we ended up talking about so many animals.  He kept asking me about different animals like dugongs, whales, crocodiles, geese, cows, dolphins, pandas and what not.  I realized that I took it for granted that I had already gone to so much zoos and here was a child who would have loved to go to the zoo but hasn’t had the chance yet.  I described the animals to him, and tried to answer all his questions like “sistar,is it bigger than me?”, “sistar, does it eat us?”, “sister how big is the head?” and the list just goes on.  After an hour, we ended our session, and I was soon assigned to C. Chen’s older brother, C. Ming.  C. Ming is also very smart like C. Chen, but more behaved.  I taught him science and it was fun teaching him because at times he was “pilosopo” but he didn’t give up trying to know the correct answers.  C. Ming wanted to add me in facebook and kept asking what my name was.  So pwede pala sila mag-facebook dun. nice. haha. After C. Ming, I sat with V.shini.  The little indian girls in the shelter are very nice and sweet.  Talking to them always makes me smile both inside and outside.  I went home around 5:00 and decided to wait for the bus.  I waited for 15 minutes and there was no bus.  I think the bus captain misunderstood me this morning because he told me I could ride the bus at that particular stop.  After that 15 minutes, I couldn’t stand it any longer as there was totally no one passing by that area and it was getting late.  I walked to another bus stop which was around 500m away and waited for another 10 minutes there.  Still no 304 bus.  I finally decided to take a bus to Komtar, and take another bus from there (this cost me an extra RM1.40 X_X).  Out of exasperation over the bus thing, I bought from rotiboy again.  The guy at the counter recognized me from yesterday (nakakahiya/nakakatuwa). haha.  I took the bus to Sungai Dua (our place) and when I went down, I decided to eat Wan Than Mee at a nearby eatery.  It was okay.  Costs RM 2.70.

photo of wan than mee from chris chee

I went home after that and went out again around 8:30 to meet with Ms. Mangles.  She showed me Bali-Bali where I could try the seafoods.  We rode her motorbike. hahaha.  After that, I went to Komtar to buy slippers and trashbags, then I decided to buy some fresh guava juice (which wasn’t that good) and a Portuguese Egg Tart (which wasn’t good either).

On the way home, I saw this rock garden thing inside Desa Permai Indah.  Flat rocks were embedded in a standing position in the cement.  The area prohibited shoes, and apparently, you should walk barefoot on the rocks.  I think it’s to increase blood circulation or something like that.  I tried it for a minute, and it was quite relaxing.  I think I’ll do that when I can’t sleep at night. haha.

Ms. Yasmin will pick me up at Tesco again tomorrow.  But I realized that the bus fare I’m saving by hitching a ride with her is going to food. hahaha.  X_X must stop soon.

So far so good with the little kids, now I have to work with the older kids. hmmm…how?hahaha

good night pinang! :)


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