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May 24, 2011 § 3 Comments

Yesterday was my first day at work at CPS.  I met Mei Pheng (she told me to call her Pax instead) at the bus stop near TESCO (a large grocery complex that looks like S&R and the other groceries in the US) around 7:20am.  It was her first time to go to CPS too so after getting down the bus, we got a little bit lost.  After 10 minutes of wandering, we finally found it.  The “shelter”, as they call it, is a modest size bungalow with a some open space at the front and at the back.  The location is nice and quiet, safely tucked in at the end of a small side street.  As soon as we went inside, the rain started to pour so the early call time was worth it.  I had slept 2am that day so I was trying to fight my drowsiness the whole day.  Ms. Yasmin, the coordinator of CPS for AIESEC was arriving late, so Pax and I waited at the reception area for 2 hours and spent it talking about pretty much anything under the sun.

While waiting, Ms. Nurul also showed us around.  There were 2 girls’ rooms and 1 boys’ room with double deck beds and their own bathrooms.  After the rooms, there’s a long corridor facing the open area where the study tables are all lined up.  At the back is the kitchen area, which was surprisingly packed with a lot of food.  Ms. Yasmin arrived around 10am, then we had to go through the formalities of the internship contract and then work finally began.  Since the kids arrive around 2pm, for the most part of the morning, Ms. Yasmin made me move a lot of boxes and assemble 2 cabinets.  HAHAHA.  It was seriously tiring, as in parang trabahong lalaki, pero okay lang naman kasi lahat sila nagtratrabaho naman dun.  While moving the large metal cabinets, I suddenly saw a freaaking large brown toad behind it.  Dun lang ako medyo natakot, pero okay naman the rest of the time.  Around 12 I had lunch and I was starving because I didn’t have the chance to eat breakfast.  Lunch was curry with malunggay leaves and 2 dishes of potatoes.  I thought I wasn’t going to like the curry but it turned out good.  That was the only thing I ate actually since potatoes make me feel bloated.  After lunch, the kids started arriving and I got to know them one by one.  They call me “Sistar Christine”.  I asked them their names, but I swear I couldn’t memorize the Chinese and Indian names.  I made them repeat it but after 10 seconds I found myself forgetting the names again. They all sounded the same to me, especially since there were around 30 kids.   I copied their names today so I can visualize the spelling the next time they say it.

Yesterday, the kids that left an impression with me were 2 Chinese kids who were brothers.  The younger one was very mischievous and the older one was smart and even knew a bit of French (I’m not saying their names intentionally).  That day I stayed with an Indian boy who was also smart, just not in the mood to study.  We dealt with English, and it was funny because I couldn’t answer one of the questions! As in mental block or bobo moment lang talaga.  hahaha.  When the clock struck 4pm, everyone started packing up their things.  Turns out it was cleaning and play time.  Those who were assigned to clean swept and mopped the place, while the rest rode their bikes outside or played something else.  Ms. Yasmin handed me a badminton racket and asked me if I knew how to play.  I said yeah and I asked if she knew.  Turns out ALL malaysians know how to play badminton.  It’s like their national sport.  Ignorant me.  So we went outside and Ms. Yasmin made me play with a little girl.  I think I won. LOL. But she won according to her point system.  But anyway, I’m like 15 years older than her. hahaha.  She didn’t talk much while playing, we need more games! haha.  After that, I had dinner with them.  I got to know some of the older kids too (who were all girls).  The older girls were more uptight when it came to the conversations, I guess that’s just part of their teenage stage, but I hope I’ll know them more in time too.  Around 7:30pm, Ms. Yasmin was finally ready to go and she was nice enough to drop me off at Desa Permai Indah itself.  We talked about the kids in the car, and that she actually had a Filipina daughter in law.  I got home around 8pm…dead tired.  After my first day, I realized it was no joke to run a shelter.  That even though you want to be nice to the kids, you had to be firm because it’s really difficult to control 30 kids!  They were throwing things at each other, every 10 minutes or so someone was crying, often times the social workers need to yell to make them listen, and most of the time the little kids just don’t listen.  I honestly don’t know how to place myself yet.  I try to be friendly to the kids, but I restrain myself by being too close with them as the staff there suggested.

So that’s about it.  Today was pretty much the same.  Helped Ms. Yasmin at the office too.  I had two servings of lunch today hahaha.  I’m starting to like curry, and lunch was fish curry and some mixed vegetables.  I helped in the kitchen during the morning, slicing garlic, onions, seriously lots of bell peppers, cabbage, carrots, okras, and eggplants.  I went home  by myself today.  I went to Komtar first to change money and decided to try Rotiboy (which originated here at Penang) at 1st avenue.  IT WAS HEAVENLY.  I had the original flavor.  It was around Php30.  I’m definitely going to buy some more next time.  I think I’ll try the blueberry and cheese.

didn’t bring my camera today cause bawal magtake ng pictures sa CPS

After eating that, I got thirsty and decided to buy a drink from the convenience store.  I bought an Oolong Tea drink just for the sake of trying.  It tasted like cold tea. bleh.  Tea is meant to be hot.  (yes, I don’t like iced tea).  I waited 30minutes for the bus after. T_T  Oh, one thing about cars here in Malaysia, they don’t honk their horns!! I’ve had like 5 encounters already of almost getting run over by a car.  Buti nalang napapatingin ako, kasi hindi tlaga sila bumubusina. I wonder why. hahaha.

I’m craving for pinakbet right now.  And hugging my pillows.  And hugging my mom.  And my dad calling me “taba”.  And bothering my brother.  But iz okay.  Aal izz well. :)

My roaming is working!!!! Ya-la!


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  • mommygems says:

    Hi there! I’m looking for a fellow filipina blogger and found your site. I lived there in Malaysia(Johor) for two years and we have the same fave Malay foods din pala.. Chicken rice, wantan mee, etc. except for curry foods yun lang di ko makain. Try chili crabs and breaded prawns, sobrang sarap! :)
    Anyway, your blog is so nice!

    • hey there!:D Oh thank you for the tips, where can you buy breaded prawns? haha. I’m not that fond of curry either. :) Nice site too, it’s nice you still have time to blog while being a mommy. :D

  • mommygems says:

    Hey! Actually, di talaga breaded prawn ang name nung dish, I can’t remember but you can try some chinese/malay restaurant and see if they have that kind of prawn.
    Thanks nga pla for dropping by at my site,blogging makes me sane these days! I have to vent out and meet new people naman para mgkaroon ng balance ang aking life.. :)
    Anyway, goodluck to your endeavour and punta ka dito sa singapore kung feel mo mgfood tripping, sarap ng hokkien mee!lol

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