The hunt for cendol and nasi kandar

May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sunday, Cel, Ara and me were supposed to go to mass.  Unfortunately, we missed it because we didn’t know the correct schedule.  After saying our personal prayer, we went out and hunted for a place to stay at Jalan Macalister (Jalan is street in Bahasa Malaysia…which they call BM for short) while we waited for Nica to finish her church .  We found a Chinese restaurant and ordered fried dough fritters (which was veryyy good) and some sauted vegetables.  It was a bummer that even the water costs something, it wasn’t even bottled.  Ice water lang. :|

I miss vegetables naaa

After that, we met with Nica and decided to eat Cendol and Nasi Kandar.  Cendol is a popular dessert in Malaysia, and its made up of ice, coconut milk, rice flour jellies which look like green worms, and finally red beans.

We ordered all the types of cendol (regular, white cofee, and with vanilla ice cream) so that we could all taste everything.  Everything surprisingly tasted good! Even though I’m lactose intolerant, I think I’ll eat this again because it’s really worth it.  I ordered Ice Kacang, which is the Malaysian version of halo-halo.  The difference probably is that it has peanuts and corn, plus some other chewy things I couldn’t identify.  It tasted like rootbeer for some reason. haha.

Ara, me, Nica and Cel :)

After that, we passed by a handicrafts store which had a lot of great items for pasalubong at low prices!  I bought some already and I plan to go back soon.  There was a really funny incident in the store, because we saw some cute looking hats that was like a small, colorful version of salakot.  We started wearing them and asked the store owner if we could take pictures.  She said “okay, but that’s not for head, that’s for food”.  And we were all like “whuuuut?” and quickly took them off our heads. hahaha.  Turns out pantakip pala yun ng pagkain. hahahhaa. Then there was also a rack full of Chinese lucky charms.  I asked which was the luckiest charm there, and the other owner (who was a lolo) gave me 2 ducks made of rose quartz (I think) and said “this one.  for finding boyfriend. this is yinyang”.  hahahaha.  I wanted to buy it and give it to someone but it was RM 40 so wag nalang.  Then we also saw some hand-made batik silk scarves which were only RM35!  The nice store owner even served us 7up in tin pewters (which are, yes, made of tin).  One piece is like Php700.

drinking from a pewter

After the shop, we we walked on to look for the popular Nasi Kandar place, which is Line Clear.  The place was a bit messy and looked unclean so they decided against eating there.  I was quite full from the Ice Kacang anyway so we decided to look for another popular Nasi Kandar place.  (oh, Nasi Kandar is something like turo-turo)  We met Gwen and Keenly on the way. :)

After a VERY VERY LONG, SCORCHING, TIRING walk, we finally found Kapitan Restauran.  There was squid, lamb, chicken, fish, and other things.  Because I was wary of stressing my stomach too much, I ordered chicken, egg and yellow rice.

egg hasn’t tasted this good! (because I miss filipino food haha)

fried chicken which was a little bit spicy and had lots of onions

After the Nasi Kandar, we walked around some more.  We went inside another Buddhist temple.

Then a Hindu temple (which was a little bit scary because there was like a “monk” there, who was half naked, who started putting red dots on our forehead and asking for money.  When we said “we don’t have money”, he suddenly made us go out. :|

Keenly with the red dot (akala ko for married women lang to!? haha)

After that, we passed by masjid negeri (mosque).  Unfortunately, I had my period then and it wasn’t allowed inside.  Nagpicture na lang kami sa labas. haha.


We walked some more pa, caught the free bus around Georgetown, and went home.  So much walking that day.  I’m gonna be so dark pag-uwi ko. hahahaha.


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