Kek Lok Si Day

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

We went to Kek Lok Si (Temple of Supreme Bliss) temple yesterday.  It’s supposedly the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia.  Its construction started around 1890 and until now is being expanded thanks to the donations of devotees.  Before heading off to Kek Lok Si, we had breakfast at the Prangin Mall Food Court again.  I met two other Filipino EPs! :D Gwen (from UA&P) and Keenly (from UP).  Today I ate Char Keuy Teow (which I had difficulty pronouncing while I was ordering).  It looks like Pad Thai and somehow tastes like it.  It was good! :D

After breakfast, we took the bus to Kek Lok Si.  The bus fare is quite expensive actually at RM 2 or roughly Php30.  But the good thing is the buses here are like in the US.  They have bus numbers, they only stop at the bus stop, and you pay as you enter.

Below are the pictures in the temple.  To get to the temple, you had to climb a long stairway which was dotted with souvenir stalls everywhere.  The first thing that greeted us was the Liberation Pond which was filled with LOOOOTS of green turtles!

Cel checking out the buddha images for sale

Each post has a story

wishing ribbons – there’s one to be “coupled” hahahaha…but I didn’t buy it

rail for the inclined lift that will take us to the Kuan Yin statue (a huge bronze statue of the goddess of mercy)

Kuan Yin statue

“temple guards” I think…

After Kek Lok Si, we went to a nearby pastry shop and I bought a pack of unshelled chestnuts for only RM3.50 (around Php55).  It was okay, but the roasted chestnuts are still better.



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