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Every saturday, there’s a night market near the place I stay, which is at Desa Permai Indah.  I have yet to take pictures of our accomodation.  It’s basically a condominium complex.  We’re on the eight floor, and the “AIESEC house” is one of the units here.  So anyway, yesterday after resting from Kek Lok Si, we went to the night market! :D  It was exciting because it was finally the chance to taste some of the local fare!  I went with Ara, and we just kept pointing and saying “what is this?” and “how much” and “can I take a picture?”.  The vendors were all very friendly.

chicken rice

noodles that I have yet to try

closer look

some dough fritters

I forgot what you call this, but it tastes like crepe! *yum*

roti my favorite

this is like the crepe thing but with peanuts and corn (the guy handles the hot dough with his bare hands!)

lots of fried chicken (I wanted to try it…but I thought of the calories haha…next time)

chicken satay (okay lang…will try the other versions, they have ostrich and horse daw)

chicken rice again *yummy*

choose what you want and deep fry it (there’s even brocolli)

fried potato chips

 I tried a little of the things that looked appealing.  I’ll try the interesting ones next saturday. haha. The food is very much like the street food in the Philippines too, except that there’s a lot more variety here considering the mixture of Chinese, Indian, Malay, and even other cultures here in Malaysia.  In general, the people can understand English, it’s just hard to understand their English sometimes because of the accent.  After trying the food at the night market, I ate 2 packs of sushi at the aiesec house and ended up feeling bloated.  We watched Miss You Like Crazy after (which was perfect for our Malaysian setting haha) but I fell asleep before the ending because it was already 2am.



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