my first day

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Mei Pheng from AIESEC USM fetched me from the Penang International Airport. :D Then she dropped me off at the AIESEC house.  There I met the other EPs: Ara, Kaine and Lon.  Ara (from Ateneo) and Kaine (from Miriam) are Filipina (which is a total surprise and relief). :D Lon is from the Netherlands. :D They were all nice!  I’m just sorry my arrival woke them all up at 7. hehehe. Anyway, since Ara didn’t have anything to do today, she was nice enough to have volunteered to tour me around some places today. We went to Komtar (which is the highest building in Penang) to buy a Digi simpack so I can have a Malaysian number.  Then we went to Prangin Mall where there was sooo much interesting things to buy. I think that’s where I’ll end up buying my pasalubongs.  Then we went to 1st Avenue, which is a more classy mall. We then decided to walk to China town, and we ended up walking a substantial part of Georgetown and just adoring the quaintness of the place.  After lots of walking (I’ll have to resort to pictures because I’m too tired to write about it right now), I met 2 other Filipina EPs who were both lovely & nice people too: Cel (from UP!) and Nica (from UA&P! – my LC). We ate dinner at Little India (the roti was delicious and not oily!) then we walked some more until we reached Komtar again and took the bus home.  Before going home Ara accompanied me to the grocery first since I had to buy some stuff.  It turns out that here in Malaysia, if you need a plastic bag for your groceries, you’ll have to pay for it, which is a really good rule.  Good thing we had 2 plastics bags.  However, we bought so many bottled water and I bought a large bottle of fabric softener.  The walk home was still pretty far and we had to race it since Ara was raring to go to the bathroom and my fingers’ blood vessels were bursting out of the weight of all the bottles in the plastic.  Now were back home and I’m dead tired.  It was a good start today.  I’ll write more about Penang next time. :D

chicken rice; freshly pressed orange juice; dessert Ara bought (blue rice made by mixing the rice with a blue flower daw)

shop of dried and sweet treats in Prangin Mall; Komtar; in an Indian Stall holding kickapoo (tastes like mountain dew)

Hainan Temple; Ara and her friend Mr. Ong (Ara’s really friendly :D); with the stone carvings

Pricey hotel where we got in thanks to the Filipino staff (almost 5k a night); rickshaw; with the nice door and tiles

some nice architecture in Georgetown; REALLY COOL tile store that also advocates animals; St. George’s Church at night

Ara with a door; me beside a prayer stand thing that I still can’t identify; cute set-up along the streets of Georgetown

My camera ran out of memory when we finally met Cel and Nica so I don’t have pictures with them. :( Next time na lang. :D



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