kuala lumpur

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Left for KL on a Thursday. I didn’t cry, thanks to technology.  I know my family and friends are only an internet connection away. :D

Manila at night

Yay I finally made it through the immigration! :D I had a dilemma over what to write in my occupation and it felt weird writing unemployed, not to mention the undesirable attention it got with the immigration officer.  It took a while before they approved my entry, but anyway thank God they did.   :) I’m currently waiting for my flight to Penang so I might as well just make the most out of the free wi-fi because my roaming is not working. :(

I got the window seat on my flight here.  The two people beside me and before the aisle was a very healthy couple with lots of bags on their laps.  Put that in your typical economy class-like seating and you can imagine what I’m talking about.  When I saw them, I couldn’t help thinking, “If there’s an emergency, I am so not going to get out”.   Next time, I’ll think twice before taking a window seat.  On the other hand, the view from the window was nearly worth it.  Looking down at Manila at night, you can see almost the whole place is covered with lights.  It felt like Mother Earth was having a serious case of allergy and just one scratch to soothe that itch, it’s no surprise if a lot of people get etched out.    I wasn’t able to sleep well because they kept the cabin lights open for the entire duration (except during the ascent and the descent) of the flight.  First they were giving out the arrival cards, then they were selling food (Cebu Pacific), then they held a “bring me” GAME (this is new) , then they were selling Duty Free items, then they were collecting the trash, and the next thing I knew we were on our final descent.  In the middle of all this, I suddenly remembered one of my memorable experiences on a plane.  When I was a kid, I had this thing for cup noodles.  We don’t buy cup noodles at home, so when we finally rode a plane, I told Inay I wanted cup noodles, “yung may corn” (as I always saw in pictures and commercials of airlines then).  That was my first international trip then.  I thought I was going to get to choose noodles when they served the meals, but I soon realized we were either having fish or chicken.  I don’t remember what I settled for, I think I might have even made up the fish or chicken (might have been beef or pork), but I sulkily ate whatever it was and slept thinking of the unrealized cup noodles.  Later on, while almost all of the passengers were asleep and the cabin lights were dim, my mom woke me up, and to my surprise in front of me was a hot cup of noodles (with corn!) that she requested from the flight attendant.  I suddenly missed my mom after remembering that, because although she gets away with whatever she wants most of the time using her “you just watch mama, anything is possible” attitude which always irks me out, she occasionally hits right on my weak spots. :D   And that’s one of my most vivid memories on a plane.  [Actually, almost all of my vivid childhood memories include food].

Oh, this is what woke me up and welcomed me to Penang.  A field of cotton clouds and a squat toilet. hahahaha.



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