nama saya christine

May 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I tried to learn several phrases in Bahasa over my last few days.  It helps that a lot of words are the same or look similar to Filipino, which is not surprising considering that there is a strong Malay influence in our language.   My favorite is tolong, which is bahasa Malaysia for help.  That was the first similar word I read and I couldn’t stop laughing when I read it.  But there’s also similar words like langit, mahal, and mura.  I’m sure I’ll find more while I’m there.  It’s also a good thing counting in Bahasa follows a very simple pattern and I think I’m quite ready to go to the market and say “Mahal sangat!  Boleh bagi diskaun?” to everything I say “berapa?” to.  I still wonder how my daily routine there will be.  Aside from the fact that I’ll have to do my laundry (which I have planned on doing in the middle of the week to free up my weekends from chores), I won’t be doing my usual kitchen work which includes cooking breakfast and dinner everyday.  My brother and I realized that this trip would not only be a learning experience for me but for him as well because he will now be forced to cook breakfast and dinner while I’m gone.  My brother is quite a peculiar innovator when it comes to the kitchen.  I’ll leave the telling of his kitchen tales to my parents when I come home. hahaha.

I also hope I get along well with the kids at CPS! :D  I personally don’t think I’m that good with kids, but I plan to prove myself otherwise.  I’m sure I will learn a lot from these children who may have gone through even more challenges and hardships than me or anyone else I personally know.

Finally, it’s my last whole day today at home.  Packing is almost done.  Selamat tinggal Manila…tomorrow!  :p



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