May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last weekend, I started listing down the things I think I need to bring to Penang.  In addition to that, I have begun dreading the roll call and the AIESEC dance so I’ve been pestering my brother to teach me the one they did during the Ambassador’s Day.  I even wrote it down and recorded it in my phone, just in case I forget.haha.

I listed down the places I should check out too once I’m there.  I hope I get enough free time to see all of them.  Especially Pulau Payar [Payar Island], but I have yet to convince someone else in Malaysia to go there with me!! :D Then, of course, I definitely didn’t forget all the food I should taste!!  I hope my stomach cooperates.   I wrote everything down in my small, blue notebook.

I’m really excited for the DT, but at the same time I’m nervous because I’ll be far from anyone I know and this is definitely outside of my comfort zone.  I hope kumapal mukha ko overnight.  hahaha.  If the only thing I gain in this internship is to overcome my shyness, it’ll be worth it already!



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